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Form & Function
Expression of Truth and Beauty

The relationship between form and function is vitally important in architecture. Louis Sullivan a late Nineteenth Century architect stated it this way, “form follows function… It’s the law.”  For this project we developed a conceptual analysis of form and function by using bridges and household items, transforming and combining them into a new form to give movement to a portion of the bridge to allow safe passage  boats. The project was complex at first but fun at the end once we were able to see how everything came together and how the combination and transformation of a form led to a new function.

Span Prototypes

Prototype Diagrams

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Orange Bridge

The Anzac Bridge

Movement Analogy R1.png

Movement Analogies

Combination Table

Combination Table R3.png

Preliminary  Design

Transformation Process

3-D Views 

Moving Mechanism 

Final Design

Final 3-D Animation 


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